Well-Woman Visit

Many women do not realize that Naturopathic Doctors are trained to perform clinical breast exams, comprehensive female pelvic exams, PAP smears, & vaginal swabs for culture.

What to expect:

Patient-centred care is always a priority. Women will be offered these screening examinations in a warm, comfortable and quiet setting. Women can be assured that they will feel respected and heard in voicing their previous experiences and concerns.

The Well-Woman Visit includes:

  • a clinical breast exam
  • self-breast exam education
  • a full gynecologic exam & PAP test
  • *vaginal swabs (optional)


The cost of the visit (and often the lab tests themselves) can be claimed under extended health benefits where applicable.

30 minutes | $120

Why book a Well-Woman Visit?

These types of examinations can be easy to put off and avoid completely based on previous experiences, discomfort and fear. Knowledge means empowerment, and early detection can often mean early intervention, so do not delay. You are important – make your health a priority!

Note: These appointments are open to all women, regardless of whether they are current patients of Dr. Kristi Prince, ND, IBCLC or Dr. Alison Cockerill, ND or not. For more information or to book your well-woman visit, please contact us

Familiarize yourself with the Cancer Care Ontario screening guidelines and recommendations before booking your visit:

Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines
Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

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